Potatoes are delicious! They can be prepared in so many different ways. It’s a Tuberous crop and is the forth largest crop in the world. It comes after rice, wheat and corn. One can find wild potatoes growing in many parts of the world.

There are many varieties in the Andes region. The potato was first introduced to Europeans in 1536. Originally people thought the plant was poisonous. But when famines began to grip Europe in the 1770’s people began to eat them.

This was also around the time of the Little Ice Age. Because other crops could not be relied upon to grow, people turned to potatoes. The potato spread to parts of Asia later that same century. It finally reached Africa in the mid 1900’s. Now the largest producer of potatoes is China. Soon it became a food staple.

At the time there wasn’t much variation and the potato became subject to diseases. This is what happened in 1845 to Ireland. Now potatoes can be an economic benefit. It is cheap to grow and can be grown in colder climates and it is traded internationally. The potato helps make a few other items.

It can be brewed to make Vodka. It can also be used to manufacture board and paper. Potatoes are notorious for their amount of carbohydrates. But they are a great source of fiber and contain other vitamins and minerals that are helpful to the body. It has vitamins C and vitamin B6. It also has touches of iron and zinc.

The most popular brands are Russet Burbank, King Edward and Yukon gold. You can prepare these and other potatoes in a number of ways. Mashed potatoes are a popular side dish. They can also be made into French fries, and potato chips. They can also be diced, sliced, scalloped or fried. Lastly the potato has been developed into one more American icon: Mr. Potato Head. He made his debut in 1949.

Everyone knows that vegetables are very important as health is concerned. They are essential building blocks of any diet. They contain a lot of vitamins and minerals and make our diet balanced. Eating vegetables builds our immune system and helps a person to resist various diseases. Eating sufficient vegetables makes a person look better and feel great.

Every person has the wish to grow fresh herbs and lettuce in his own garden. He wants to eat fresh vegetables and fruits as everyone cannot afford the expensive prices of the supermarkets. Growing fresh vegetables in our own garden is the best answer.

Even if your garden is small, the raised garden beds can facilitate you to grow vegetables. Many garden beds are available in the garden some of them are available with corner posts and sliding panels. You have to decide what kind of bed you wish to buy. These beds can largely increase the size of your plot.

If your garden has a lower quality of soil you can use these beds filled with rich compost and soil to plant vegetable seeds and grow vegetables. Make sure that you sow the vegetable seeds at the back of garden bed. If you have less space plant vegetables such as french beans, runner beans, sweetcorn stems, pumpkins. These vegetables can be grown in a small garden. Planting lettuces can give the yield faster.

You need to make some initial purchase for the garden such as vegetable baskets, compost, vegetable peelers, vegetable slicers, and vegetable steamers.

Many people think that growing vegetables require is lot of sunlight. But there are many vegetables that can grow without full sunlight. The plants whose fruits and vegetables are consumed require more sunlight, but the plants whose leaves are consumed require less sunlight.

These plants require little sunlight it should not be complete dense shade. These vegetable plants require partial sunlight. Planting these vegetable plants under the trees is fine where some sunlight reaches them.

Some plants growing in partial sunlight are salad greens, beets, broccoli, cauliflower, green peas, and green leafy vegetables such as radish, spinach, sprouts, carrot, and beans. These vegetable plants grow healthy in such conditions.

For growing vegetables make sure that that the soil is fertilized and rich. Add fertilizers to the soil as much as you can because vegetables give maximum yield if they are provided with proper fertilizers.

There are lots of advantages of growing vegetables in the garden. The vegetables grown in the home garden are rich in nutritional value. They are not genetically produced or treated with chemical fertilizers.

These organically produced vegetables are very tasty and nutritious as compared with commercially produced vegetables.

You can save a lot of money by growing the vegetables at home. Also, your expenses on fuel and fare will also be saved.

You can easily get the vegetables when needed you can just take the vegetable basket and pick the vegetable from the garden and cook.

Gardening gives exercise to your body and adds freshness to your mood. The home vegetable garden adds to the beauty to your surrounding. It makes the whole environment adorable.

So growing vegetables is beneficial economically and also beneficial for the health.